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Clean Air Products

Iowa Distributing Company, Inc. manufactures "Air King" industrial air cleaning products. Applications range from large industrial to light manufacturing and small business. AIR-KING utilizes highly efficient, state of the art filter media and offers a wide range of products to fit your need for clean air. "Air King" products are distributed through qualified regional dealers in your area.
 Air King M-11 Air Cleaners 
Air King provides efficient removal of irritating contaminants such as smoke, chemical fumes, or dust.


 Air King M-25 Air Cleaners 
Uses efficient filters which have been constructed using micro-glass fibers.
 Air King M-30 & M-30C Air Cleaners 
Air cleaning system unit has a number of distinct advantages over conventionally designed units.
   Air King M-30UV Air Cleaners 
UV Lamp added

 M 35P Portable
The AIR-KING unit has been designed for a high degree of mobility.
 M 40 Series
Comes with the option of adding an additional Wrap-A-Round Prefilter, that increases the life of the pleated prefilter and main bag filter.
 M 70 Series
The filters are able to separate sub-micron particles from the air passing through the unit and hold them in high quantities.

 VMC Unit
Filter efficiencies are rated by ASHRE standards 52-76.
   Filter Wall
    Robot Hood